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    Blinky's Law

    A thrilling and comic science fiction adventure into the future.


    Now available as e-book and paperback via Amazon and other outlets worldwide, including as an audiobook.

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  • What readers are saying

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    Linus Gregoriadis

    "Martin Talks creates a vivid world of human-like robots and robot-like humans on a roller-coaster journey which is nightmarish and hilarious in equal measure. Blinky's Law is pertinent, very probably prescient, but above all always entertaining."

    Christopher Ross

    "Blinky's Law is an action-packed caper of Robot mayhem. Martin Talks' rich descriptions bring alive this parable of a future world, complete with forewarning of what we might become... I loved this book and couldn't put it down (finishing it at 3am!)"

    Phil Aitken

    "I found the swing between extreme humour, some terror, social and political commentary & satire, economic/consumer & digital commentary kept me hooked and slightly discombobulated. A book to be enjoyed on many levels and very relevant. It never stalled or drifted."

  • But what's the novel about?

    Perfect lockdown reading

    The blurb

    Locked down within the biosphere walls that surround Luhan Hypercity, Hiu has only chattering devices for company. It is not going well. His fridge has just filed for divorce. In fact, all of the devices have begun acting oddly recently. Sharkey’s Law that ‘Robots shall always be kept under meaningful human control’ has broken down. Hiu finds his usual routine of eat, sleep, get annoyed by robots, repeat, has been disrupted. He is worried that they may have been infected with a virus. Could it leap from robots to humans? A new Law is needed and time is running out fast, not just for Hiu, but for the whole human race.​

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    A thrilling and comic book of the future

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    The Audiobook has launched

    Blinky's Law as an audiobook, now playing everywhere

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    Blinky's back! This time in audiobook format.

    Zoom book launch

    A book launch in the time of lockdown

  • About the author


    Martin Talks portrait

    Martin Talks


    Having been for many years an entrepreneur, digital trends expert for Google’s education programme, advisor, mentor and keynote speaker, I believe that only through fiction can we truly explore our future, as the future is no longer an extension of the present.


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